Montell Jordan Surprises James Corden For His Birthday


Of course, winning the lottery would be great, but what about the taxes, publicity, and investment decisions? All of us do and say things that are humorous and endearing to those who love us. We want to be safe, but we want to know more,” Mos said.

If you meet Scooter in person, you know he has the best intentions for Justin Bieber. Scooter, the nickname for Scott Braun is Justin Bieber’s manager and he has helped make the superstar. Being part of Justin Bieber’s success means that even David Letterman might be poking a little fun at the strange name of the good man.

At the age of four Akiane began to draw, and almost immediately she displayed an amazing talent for detail. At the age of six she began to paint, not the simple paintings of a child but portraits that showed an incredible depth of character for a young child. Her paintings, she says, come to her in visions in her dreams and are created in what she terms “Akianism”-a spectacular blend of realism and imaginism.

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